Water Facts

Our Body Is 70% Water

  • Over 70% of your body is made up of water
  • Water is the essential element in maintaining virtually every system in your body
  • Your brain, muscles, bones and kidneys cannot function without water
  • Doctors recommend drinking 6 to 9 glasses of water daily

With this in mind, shouldn’t you be using only the highest quality water?

Heart – 79%

Brain – 75%

Liver – 86%

Skin – 64%

Bones – 22%

Muscles – 75%

Blood – 83%

Lungs – 80%

Lymph – 94%

Kidneys – 83%

Joints – 83%

Extend The Life Of Your Appliances

Plumbing And Water-Using Appliances Will Last Up To 30% To 50% Longer

  • Mineral impurities in tap water wear out water-using appliances, pipes and water heaters causing additional replacement costs
  • Scale build-up inside a water heater increases water heating costs in two ways:
    • It reduces the space available in the water heater so less hot water is produced
    • The scale forms an insulation barrier increasing  the energy used to heat the water

AqualiteUS Water Dissolves Existing Scale Resulting in Reduced Hot Water Heating Fuel Costs

Other Hidden Costs Of Water

  • Tap water leaves a harsh soap curd in fabric that is abrasive like sandpaper and damages clothing, towels and other laundered materials.
  • Most water requires the use of excessive amounts of cleaning products containing harsh chemicals needed to breakdown the hardness and other minerals in the water before they begin cleaning.
  • Cleaning costs you money as well as time. When your tap water leaves a residue, the costs keep adding up when you have spots on glasses and cutlery, soap scum on shower doors, rings in the toilet bowl, and water marks on sinks and faucets.
  • Chlorine in your tap water can irritate your skin and eyes, as well as damage your hair, thereby costing you more money for lotions, moisturizers and conditioners. Chlorine can also interact with Organics in the water to create Trihalomethanes (THMs).
  • Excessive dependence on bottled water to resolve drinking issues, which is costly and creates a larger ecological footprint

Municipal Water

  • Water with possible bad tastes and/or odors
  • Mineral impurities in tap water can decrease the life and effectiveness of your water-used appliances and water pipes
  • Increases your cost on home energy cost and cleaning supplies
  • Chemicals in the tap water may leave your skin dry and itchy
  • Dependence on bottled water further add to your living cost and the world’s recycling issues

AqualiteUS Water

  • Purer drinking water which is higher in quality and delicious
  • Extends the life of your water-used appliances
  • Reduces the scale build ups in your pipes
  • Breaking the expensive detergent habit and saving money
  • Lower energy cost
  • Smoother, cleaner skin that needs less moisturizing 

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