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May 31, 2023

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Learn how water purification systems can prevent water quality issues in commercial buildings and residential properties.

Residential and commercial buildings use water for several reasons. From drinking, cooking, cleaning, and operating appliances and equipment, relying on clean and safe water is a priority for families and business owners.

Untreated water can cause many problems, including unsightly stains on fixtures and the residue left on clothes and linens after washing, which can lead to dry and itchy skin, brittle hair, clogged appliance lines, and even health risks.

Sometimes, contaminated water is visible by smell, taste, or sight. However, often, water issues are not apparent until a problem arises. To prevent water problems, it is recommended that homeowners and building owners use water testing and water purification system. These products will help identify potential issues within the water supply and put in place a system to purify and improve water quality at home and in commercial buildings.

How do these systems work in residential and commercial buildings?

Let’s explore below.

Female Employee Drinking Filtered Water

What is a Water Purification System?

Purifying water often reduces unwanted chemicals, compounds, or materials found at the source, including eliminating hard water.

Commercial and residential water purifiers can provide you with clean water for a myriad of industrial and home uses. Whole house water purification systems eliminate harmful chemicals from the water, improving health and saving money.

Water purification can reduce many impurities like suspended particles, parasites, and other unwanted particulate matter. This includes the removal of algae, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Businesses need to be aware of their local and state regulations and ensure their drinking water is high-quality and meets the guidelines. Cleaning up your water with a purification system is a way to improve the health of your workplace and home.

Commercial Water Treatment System

Possible Water Purification Solutions

There are many different water purification solutions, depending on the area, need, and use case. For instance, water softeners help with hard water, sediment filters reduce particles such as clay, silt, sand, and organic matter from water which cause cloudiness in the water, and ultraviolet (UV) purification systems use ultraviolet light to kill living organisms with the mission of preventing disease in the water.

Public Water

Municipal water treatment facilities aim to reduce toxicities, but some contaminants like debris and microorganisms may remain. PFAS, PFOS, and other chemical runoff contaminants pose many severe risks to human health, and water treatment plants are not always successful in removing them. Water purification systems can reduce contaminants from your building’s water so that you know that clean and safe water is flowing through your taps.

Well Water

Installing a whole-house filtration system is a great way to clean your well water. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, it’s essential to test your well water for safety before making it available for consumption. A water filter can help you ensure that your drinking water is safe.

Types of Commercial Water Purification Systems

A commercial water purification system is necessary to avoid lime deposits and other problems in hard water. Also, keep your commercial equipment in good shape by running a regular maintenance check to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

We offer a variety of water purification systems that can be custom designed and tailored to specific industries. We provide free in-person consultations for commercial clients so they can choose the best strategy for their needs.

Types of Residential Water Purification Systems

Aqualite US provides top-quality water filtration through our Puronics® water treatment systems.

Choose from the following systems:

  • Chlorostatic®: The Puronics® whole-house Chlorostatic® water softener system is designed to keep your water free of high levels of chloramine, chlorine, and hard water minerals. Our proven formula for reducing these harsh water pollutants is a safe and sustainable choice for our customers.
  • Bacteriostatic Water Softeners: Puronics® bacteriostatic water softeners filter your home’s drinking water using SilverShield® Protection to filter out bacteria and contaminants based on NASA technology.
  • No-Salt Water Filtration & Purification Systems: This low-maintenance solution doesn’t require any potassium, salt, or additional treatment, making this the most environmentally-friendly option.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: Reverse osmosis (RO), and under-sink water filtration systems provide on-demand clean, pure, and drinking water.

Treating the Water in Your Home or Commercial Building

A water purification system will help you improve your water supply’s taste, quality, and smell.

Aqualite US’s water purification systems can reduce different contaminants improving water quality and making your water safer. We offer free in-home tests for homeowners and commercial water testing services to help you find the right system. Contact us today for a consultation. Our water quality experts are here to help!

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