5 Reasons You Should Consider A Water Filtration System Over Water Delivery

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June 2, 2023

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A water delivery service is expensive and labor intensive. Here are 5 reasons you should install a water filtration system today!

Water is one of the basic necessities of life. The quality and purity of the water you drink can significantly affect your health. The pre-existing benefits of drinking more water are dramatically enhanced when the water is pure. In many cases, your tap water may have been treated with chlorine which can negatively affect its taste. Water with all impurities reduced smells and tastes better than unfiltered tap water.

To achieve high levels of purity, you must drink filtered water. This is possible by either using water filters or having filtered water delivered by a company. In fact, relying on bottled-water delivery is inferior to a whole-home water filtration system in several ways. Bottled water is lower quality, heavy to lift and carry around, and contributes to pollution. Today, we will explore five reasons why a water filtration system is far better than relying on water delivery services.

Reason #1: On-Demand Drinking Water From Every Tap

With a whole-home water filtration system, you can ensure that the water from every tap in your home is safe, clean, and great tasting. This is a significant advantage over a water delivery service that only delivers water to your door. Most people then store this water in a closet, requiring you to lug a heavy bottle to your water dispenser every time your water runs out so you can get clean water. Some of the minerals in unfiltered tap water can irritate your skin and leave stains that are difficult to clean in showers, tubs, and sinks. A whole-home water filtration system can reduce or eliminate many of these problems.

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Reason #2: Cost Savings and Convenience

Have you ever run out of water before your next delivery date? With a whole-home water filtration system, you would never have to worry about that again. Ordering water can be expensive. Many families find that they can save thousands of dollars by canceling their water delivery subscription and installing a whole-home water filtration system. Although a water filtration system can cost more up-front, your appliances will last longer because your house relies on pure, filtered water. Replacing these systems can cost a great deal of money. This is money you can save by installing a filtration system.

Reason #3: Better Water Quality

Although bottled water is generally prized for its purity, research has demonstrated that bottled water is of lower quality than filtered tap water. In 2018, a study titled “Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Bottled Water” backed this claim up. These researchers analyzed samples from 259 samples of bottled water from 11 different brands and found that the overwhelming majority (93%) contained “microplastics.” Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that can cause harm to both the environment and animals. In addition, research has shown that microplastics can cause damage to human cells, triggering allergic reactions in some cases. These findings have shocked the global community and drove the World Health Organization to launch an investigation into bottled water. A whole-home water filtration system has none of these issues and can always provide you with clean water.

Reason #4: Low Maintenance

Having your water delivered is an unnecessary hassle. Forgetting to schedule a delivery can leave you in trouble. Furthermore, you need to move all your water once it is delivered into a storage room or water cooler for future use. This can be a straining activity as you have to lift heavy bottles and move them around your house. This heavy lifting can leave you in pain and is just not required. A far better solution is to rely on a whole-house filtration system. You don’t need to lift anything heavy and they are low maintenance to use a water filtration system.

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Reason #5: Going Green Can Save You Money and Make You Healthier

Bottled water requires enormous amounts of fossil fuels to produce every single year. Most of these bottles end up in landfills or as litter instead of being recycled. A more renewable drinking water approach relies on a water filtration system. A water filter can also help you to feel healthier and save money. Bottled water is far more expensive than tap water and is a great deal more inconvenient.

Furthermore, bottled water creates far more pollution than simple tap water. Finally, tap water increases your home’s independence, giving you peace of mind. Instead of relying on a third party for your water, you can drink your water from your property and enjoy it at any time.

The Best Place For Water Filtration Systems

A water filtration system’s benefits outweigh any benefits of dealing with the hassles of water delivery. Once you have decided to install your system and cancel your water delivery services, you must find the right filtration solution. We have what you need if your tap water has been contaminated with chlorine, chloramine, iron, sulfur, or any other compound.

Regardless of what kind of minerals your tap water contains, a solutions from AqualiteUS can enable you to get purer, safer, and cleaner drinking water. We provide practical and easy-to-maintain water filtration systems for your entire home. Whether you rely on city or well water, our water filtration systems can solve any purity issues and provide clean water throughout your home.

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