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Innovation Leading to Better Water

AqualiteUS is a full licensed water treatment company with definitive solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications in the region of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Central and South Florida for over 25 years.

We proudly sell service and install the only EPA certified bacteriostatic stainless steel, food grade whole house water conditioning system in the US territory.

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Water treatment solutions for the home advaced technology, improved performance, our micro silver bacteriostatic filter media based on NASA silver ION technology developed to purify water aboard the space shuttle orbiters, inhibit bacteria grouth within the unit. Every day, AqualiteUS is putting its expertise, creativity and innovation to work in solving challenging water problems. We have the broad based experience in hundred thousands of install locations nationwide. Call US today for a comprehensive free water inspection, well or town water for a free quote. Both the conditioner and its high density impact resistant brine tank are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty.


AqualiteUS is a multi-state business, run by people who are passionate, not just about water softeners, but about quality, service and value for money. With over 25 years of experience installing water softeners you're in safe hands.


Water for your family’s health. AqualiteUS has helped thousands of consumers by providing them with efficient, high quality water filtration systems for the purest water possible.


Leader for Industrial and Commercial Water Treatment Systems. AqualiteUS and NASA's innovative technology makes us one of the leaders in commercial and industrial water treatment. Read more.


Aqualite US is a multi-state water treatment company that serves hundreds of thousands of satisfied home owners in the MA, CT, RI, FL, NY, NJ territories with over 25 years of experience. We are dedicated to bring excellence reliability and superb quality products and services to your home. That is the hallmark of AqualiteUS.

Commercial / Industrial AqualiteUS Technology Toolbox

Absorption Oxidation Reduction
Deonization Ozonation
Electrodeionization Reverse Osmosis
ION exchange Ultrafiltration / Microfiltration
Micro silver Bacteriostasis Ultra violet Disinfection
Nano Filtration Multy Media Filtration
Radon Removal

AqualiteUS really understands water. While the structure of H2O is deceptively simple, the solutions to purify it are not. Whether you are a commercial or an industrial client, you can trust AqualiteUS to provide you with an array of solutions for all your important water needs.

Commitment to Quality

Get the most advanced water treatment systems available on the market

  • Born in 1991

    AqualiteUS headquarters is located in Bedford Massachusetts, exclusively selling and servicing the only EPA registered bacteriostatic water conditioner for Residential and Commercial use, that incorporates NASA technology developed to purify the water aboard the space shuttle orbiters.

  • Our Partners

    Today Aqualite US is the greatest choice of quality for demanding customers, architects/engineers, builders, plumbing professionals, home inspectors, realtors, and home interior designers. You can rely on us for your water needs. Our engineers and water technicians work 24/7 to better serve you, delivering the highest quality water you can get.